Your own comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery program at home.

Thousands of people relieve pain with our excercise methods every day. Try the best of them with application Heal&Go.

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Heal&Go App

Heal&Go is an application for mobile and desktop devices with comprehensive home exercise program outlined for most patients in the rehabilitation process

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Methods we use

Heal&Go utilizes methods accepted by a wide range of institutions

  • Pain and swelling relieve positioning
  • Antigravity (AGR) pain relief, muscle relaxation and swelling relief
  • Postisometric relaxations (PIR) and facilitations (PIF)
  • Hot/Cold pain, inflammation and stiffness therapy
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Early strengthening exercises
  • School of the Back-Pain Therapy
  • Active spine stabilization exercises by prof. Janda
  • Joint and spine self-therapy mobilizations by prof. Lewit
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation(PNF) diagonal patterns by Dr. Kabat
  • Open and closed chain exercises for joint stabilization, optimize neuromuscular control and early strengthening
  • Plyometric activities (Therabands tubing, exercise balls, little weight and free weights exercise)
  • Breathing exercises by Brugger

Get relief from acute pain and improve performance .

With our proven methology and excercise videos.


only control the pain


are extremely expensive

Cures from the "Street"

may be risky



Successfully eliminates pain in 80% of cases

Saves time

Visits to a specialist or drugstore take time, but the Heal&Go app is always in your pocket.

Save money

Specialists, drugs, and other alternatives are multiple times more expensive.

Clinically tested

Our unique methods have roots in an Original Prague Rehabilitation School.

Long lasting result

As opposed to painkillers, our methodology cures the underlying cause or causes of the pain.

Save your money!
Get more benefits.

Just tell us more about your needs and enjoy many benefits that we provide.

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